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Video #1

Mapping Your Journey As A Summit Producer

Video #2

Discovering Who Needs Your Summit Services The Most

Video #3

How To Execute A Well-Planned & Well-Organized Summit 

Video #4

Figuring Out What Tasks You Can Do And Delegate

Video #5

Finding And Signing Up Your First Summit Host Client

What You´ll Discover During This 5-Day Challenge:

Many people are intimidated by the idea of producing summits... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? It's time to realize that this represents a massive advantage for you, if you learn the simple strategies and techniques for creating awesome online summits for other people, gain an edge over your competition and do it with ease, fun and joy!

Mapping Your Journey And Positioning Yourself As The Go-To Person For Influencers And Companies...So You Naturally Become Their FIRST Choice.

It all starts with mapping your journey, creating your compass and carving your niche as a summit producer. You´ll learn how to best position yourself as the go-to-person for your potential clients, so you become their natural first choice. As a summit producer, you´re not their VA. You´re the strategist that makes all this possible for them.

Figuring Out What Tasks You Can Do And Can Delegate So That You Can Deliver A Well-Executed Event That Gives Your Client Host And Attendees The Best Experience.

This is the secret to producing a well-organized and a well-executed virtual summit. Plus, you´ll avoid stress and burnout when you can delegate some of the tasks. Infact, you can delegate them all, and just focus on being the strategist and overall summit manager.

Discovering Who Needs Your Services The Most...So You Can Help Them An Reap The Rewards From Doing So.

Not everyone is going to be your client and you shouldnt. You´ll learn how to identify those "low-hanging fruit" client who are waiting for you.

Finding And Signing Up Your First 5-Figures and Up Client So You Can Start Making Money.

Yes, you´ll learn how to find and where to find your first paying client, so you can start making money! Nothig happens until you have a paying client.

How To Execute A Well-Planned And a Well-Organized Summit Production Covering The 4 Phases Of A Highly Profitable Virtual Summit.

You will learn the 4 phases of a successful and highly profitable summit production and how to implement each phase as well as when to implement. There´s a mgic to this madness as they say!

The Complete Summit Producer Checklist That Serves As Your Bible For Producing Summits For Others

When you complete the challenge, we will gift you a copy of our proprietary summit producer checklist that we use when we work with our clients. This is an invaluable resource for you that will literally serve as your "bible" as you work on your summits.

Here´s What Some Of our Challenge Attendees Have To Say...

Meet The Challenge Host...

Marie Grace Berg

summit producer, Host, mentor and strategist

Nothing brings me joy than celebrating the wins with my clients!
Hi, I´m Marie Grace Berg. After launching my own wildly successful vortual summits, I was on cloud 9!
Then I started producing summits for other people, other businesses and companies. And I got hooked!

Now, I wanted to share with you how you can do it, too. It´s fulfilling, gratifying and yes,

highly profitable business to the tune of multiple 5 and 6 figures per event production!